16GB Compact Flash Memory Card

The Different 16GB Compact Flash Cards Speeds

Before going out to purchase 16GB CompactFlash memory card, you should be aware that it is available in different speeds. The speeds of these cards are there to indicate how quickly data can be to the card.

A number followed by the symbol “X” is used to indicate the speed of the card.

The typical speed ratings for Compact Flash memory cards can be found below.

  • 45X: 6.75 MB/s
  • 50X: 7.5 MB/s
  • 133X: 20 MB/s
  • 266X: 40 MB/s
  • 400X: 60 MB/s
  • 600X: 90 MB/s

As it relates to the 16GB Compact Flash Card and the speed you should get, it really depends on the speed requirement of whatever device you want to use the card in. You should be aware that the faster the memory card is the more money you will be paying. Most people who get the higher speed cards that are 400X or higher are usually professionals. For the amateur picture takers, a 133X card should be the ideal fit for whatever camera you are using.

**To ensure that you are getting the right speed memory card for your device, it is a good idea to check the manual to see what cards will work.

How Much Data Can Hold on an 16GB Compact Flash Memory Card?

If you have an interest in finding out exactly how much data can be stored on the 16 GB CF card, then you need to have a look on the table below. In this table, you’ll be able to find out exactly how much Pictures and HD video can actually be saved to this particular card.

**All the data in the table is based off generic file sizes. As a result of this, the 16 GB card can cost more/less data, it will depend on many different factors.

4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB
SD Video (640×480) 1 hr 40 min 3 hrs 20 min 6 hrs 40 min 13 hrs 20 min 26 hrs 40 min
HD Video (720p 10 Mbps) 45  min 1 hr 30 min 3 hrs 6 hrs 12 hrs
HD Video (720p 15 Mbps) 25 min 50 min 1 hr 40 min 3 hrs 20 min 6 hrs 40 min
HD Video (1080p 9 Mbps) 1 hr 2 hrs 4 hrs 8 hrs 16 hrs
HD Video (1080p 13 Mbps) 40 min 1 hr 20 min 2 hrs 40 min 5 hrs 20 min 10 hrs 40 min
Pictures (JPEG 10 Megapixels) 880 1,760 3,520 7,040 14,080
Pictures (JPEG 14 Megapixels) 525 1,050 2,100 4,200 8,400
Pictures (Raw 10 Megapixels) 263 526 1,050 2,100 4,205
Pictures (RAW 14 Megapixels) 146 292 584 1,168 2,336


What are the Cheapest 16GB Compact Flash Cards?

As it relates to 16GB Compact Flash Cards, when it comes to buying one there are just so many different options to choose from. You should be aware that when you’re getting a card like this, you need to go with a brand that has a very good reputation for making great quality cards. The four best that we love are SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston and Lexar. When looking to get these particular cards, you will always want the cheapest choice.

Amazon.com – If you are on the hunt for some low priced & cheap 16GB Compact Flash Cards, then if you are looking to save money, you need to have a look on Amazon.com. This is our favorite website as they have some really good price as well as a great selection of memory cards. If you want to save more money, then you can take advantage of Amazon’s FREE SHIPPING. So if you want to make your wallet feel happy and you are looking for CF cards, then Amazon should be your #1 choice.


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