Canon Powershot Memory Cards


The Canon Powershot cameras are some of the best photographic devices that are available. These cameras not only take great pictures, but they are also known for dependability and durability. If you are thinking of purchasing a camera then there is doubt when it comes to the Canon Powershot series.

People who purchase these cameras often want to know about memory cards for the Canon Powershot. They either want to purchase or get some detailed information on them. Powershot’s will use SD memory cards and these vary in size from 4MB all the way up to 32GB.


What Memory Cards can be used in the Canon Powershot?


The Canon Powershot camera will generally use most SD Cards. Depending on the version of the camera, all will be able to support regular SD cards, while some will be able to use the SDHC (high-capacity) ones.

Both MircoSD and miniSD cards can be used, if there is a SD adapter available.


Will SDHC Cards Work In My Powershot Camera?


To answer this question, the SDHC cards will work, depending on the camera and the firmware that they are running. Most of the newer models will be able to use these High Capacity cards that can reach to sizes of 32GB. The older models may not be able to use these cards. It is always good to refer to the user manual to find out which cards these cameras will use.

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