Blackberry 8820 Memory Card


The Blackberry 8820 is one of those handsets that every businessman needs. The phone has countless features that make it right for the person who needs to be connected to their office.

People often want to purchase memory cards for their new phone; however they are unaware as to which memory card works for the Blackberry 8820. The answer to that question is quite simple; the 8820 will use both MicroSD and MicroSDHC memory cards. These cards will give the phone user the ability to have more storage space on their phone. This means the phone will be able to hold more data such as video, pictures, ringtones, music, and movies.

The typical size of these MicroSD and MicroSDHC memory cards are 15mm × 11mm × 0.7mm. This makes them as small as a dime.


What Size Memory Card Do I Need for my Blackberry 8820?


People often get confused as to which size memory card they will need for their Blackberry 8820. The size MicroSD or MicroSDHC card that a person will need for their 8820 with the pen on what they will be using the card for. If you will be just using it to store documents, then smaller cards sizes up to 512 MB can do. If you need the extra memory on the phone to save movies, music, ring tones, videos and pictures, then you should consider getting one of the bigger capacity cards. These cards are often 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 6GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. Because memory card prices are constantly falling, it is always good to get the biggest possible card that fits within your budget.


Will MicroSDHC Cards work in the Blackberry 8820?


With the introduction of high-capacity MicroSD a few years ago, some people have become confused as it relates to these cards working in their phone or not. MicroSD cards go up to 2 GB, while MicroSDHC are cards bigger than 4 GB. Older devices are unable to use the newer SDHC.

In the case of this particular phone, will MicroSDHC cards work in the Blackberry 8820?  To answer this question, SDHC cards will work on this phone depending on what firmware is installed. Below we have a table that will indicate the firmware version and the different sized cards they are able to support. It is recommended that you update your firmware if you are interested in using these higher capacity cards.

The firmware version of your Blackberry operating system here will determine what size cards can be read.

Below is a table that will list the firmware version and the size Micro SD and Mirco SDHC cards they will be able to read.

BlackBerry Operating System Version Size of MicroSD Card
BlackBerry Device Software 4.2.0 Up to 2GB
BlackBerry Device Software 4.2.1 Up to 4GB
BlackBerry Device Software 4.2.2 Up to 4GB
BlackBerry Device Software 4.3.0 Up to 8GB
BlackBerry Device Software 4.5.0 Up to 8GB
BlackBerry Device Software and Up Up to 16GB
BlackBerry Device Software 4.6.0 and later Up to 32GB


Where Can I Get Memory Cards for the Blackberry 8820?


Another common question people often ask is the best place to find memory cards for the Blackberry 8820. The two most common places are the internet and retail shops.

Internet – if you’re looking for cheap memory cards, then the Internet is the best place to go. There are a wide range of specials and deals available and people can often get to MicroSD or MicroSDHC cards for very low prices.

Retail Stores – almost all retail shops that sell electronics will carry memory card for the Blackberry 8820. Every week these stories have different deals available on different sized cards.


Cost of Memory Cards for Blackberry 8820


The cost of MicroSD or MicroSDHC memory card for the Blackberry 8820 is really dependent on two main factors. The first one is the size of the memory card. Bigger capacity cards will be more expensive than smaller ones. If you plan on purchasing a 32 GB MicroSDHC card, you can expect to pay upwards of 10X’s the price compared to a 512MB one.

The brand name of the card is another factor that will determine the price. Brands such as SanDisk, PNY and Kingston will be much more expensive than the generic ones. The generic ones work just the same as the branded ones, however you will be paying more for the name.

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