Hi my name is James and I am a Memory Card addict. As you can see I am totally obsessed with these precious little items, that I went out and created a blog that highlights everything about them. My obsession began 6 years ago when I had to buy a card for my camera. I thought getting a card would be easy, but boy was I wrong. I spent maybe a good  hour trying to understand the differences between the formats that were available at the time. It was then that I decided that I needed t know about memory cards, as there was just so many things to know. After becoming a certified memory freak, it was then that I decided to create my blog.

As a resource for flash memory cards you will get information along with the best places to buy flash memory at the cheapest prices. If you are also looking to see what memory cards are compatible with your digital camera, mp3 player, phoen or what other device uses flash memory. So welcome to memory monster and let your search begin.

Aside from getting information the different types of memory cards that are available, you will also be able to purchase cards for some of the lowest prices on the internet. We have searched across the internet to bring you the best online retailers for the different types of memory cards. This means you will not only be getting the lowest prices, but also the highest quality memory cards on the internet.

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