How Much Songs Can a 4GB Card Hold?

4gb-musicMusic – One of the most popular questions asked is how much mp3 music can be held on a 4GB MicroSD memory card. The question requires a little bit of math but once you understand the size you can estimate the amount of mp3′s your 4GB Micro SD memory card can hold. The numbers used below are all an esitmation, so you may have the capacity to hold more or less depending on the size of the mp3 music files used. The size of mp3′s used was an average.

An MP3′s size is usually around 3-4 MB

Around 4000MB make 4GB

4GB = 4000MB

4000MB divided by 3 = 1333 mp3 songs

4000MB divided by 4 = 1000 mp3 songs.

As you can see, the bigger the mp3 the less songs the memory card can hold and vice versa if the songs are smaller. By using the average of 3 or 4 MB you can get an estimation of how many songs a 4GB MicroSD memory card can hold. This little guide is also very helpful in determining if this memory card will fulfill your memory needs.

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