2GB Nintendo Wii Memory Card

wii-2gb-memory-cardThe 2GB Wii memory card is the perfect compliment for your Nintendo Wii. This is because this card allows you to save your game data as well as downloading games to it from the virtual console. You are also able to download music, pictures and photos and store them on the memory card. This also means that you are able to make your data mobile and it is not regulated to being kept on the Wii.


The Wii has an internal memory that is around 512MB in size. This is enough for a casual gamer, but if you are serious, then it can be filled up very quickly.


What Type of 2GB Memory Card Will Work


The Nintendo Wii uses the Secure Digital (SD) memory cards for their external memory storage. If you want a 2gb memory card to use, then it should not matter what type you buy as they will work in the Wii. The branded cards sold by Nintendo all work the same and they are no different from the ones the other brands found in the store. The only difference in them is that they carry the Nintendo brand which makes them more expensive.

Other types of memory cards can be used in the Wii as long as a SD adapter is available. So 2gb MiniSD and MicroSD cards can be used once you have the adapter.

Price of Wii 2GB Memory Card

The overall cost of the 2 GB Nintendo Wii memory card will be more expensive or cheaper, depending on where it is bought. You should be aware that the cards that are branded with Wii will cost much more than the other brands. The only thing that you will be getting different is that these cards have a “Nintendo” sticker on it. These cards cost between $20-$50. If you want deals on these cards then check the purchase section of the website.

1gb Nintendo Wii Memory Card

wii-1gb-memory-cardIf you own a Wii, you will eventually need an external memory card. The memory card is used to save your progress in games, photos, music, videos and games you download from the Virtual Console. The 1GB Secure Digital (SD) card is often used in the Wii. It has a built in slot that allows you to insert the card and save games.


Typically the Nintendo Wii has a built in internal 512MB memory. This will get full very quickly and it is useful to have a card that is portable.


What Type of 1GB Memory Card Will Work


As stated above the Nintendo Wii uses Secure Digital (SD) memory cards. If you are looking for 1GB SD cards to purchase, then it should not matter what brand you buy as it will work in the console. The branded 1GB Wii memory cards are just that, branded. They are more expensive and really offer nothing different than other cards on the market.

You can also use other types of memory cards in your Wii, as long as you have a SD adapter. This means you can use a 1GB MicroSD or 1GB MiniSD as long as you have SD adapter. All you would need to do is insert it in the slot and then place it inside the Wii.


Price of Wii 1GB Memory Card


The price of 1 GB Nintendo Wii memory card will vary depending on where you purchase it. The Wii branded cards are much more expensive and compared to cheaper cards, the only thing you would be getting is the “Nintendo” sticker. With that said you can expect to pay between $15 – $40 for a SD card that will work in the console. You can check out our purchase section if you want deals on SD cards.

Nintendo Wii Memory Cards

wii-memory-cardThe memory card for the Nintendo Wii is used to save your game data, music, photos, videos, downloaded games and made characters. It is very useful to have this data if you are going to a friend’s house, or if your internal memory is getting full.  The type of memory card the Wii uses is a SD (Secure Digital).


The Nintendo Wii comes with 512MB internal memory to store your saved games, characters and more. For a casual gamer this is more than enough, but realistically you are going to need more memory. Currently the Wii is able to handle 512MB, 1GB and 2GB memory cards.


What Type of Memory Card Does the Nintendo Wii Use?


If you are looking for a specific memory card to be used with your Wii, then the card the system uses is SD (Secure Digital). There is a slot for this type of card on the console and it will enable you to save all kind of information on it.


If you plan to save GameCube games then you will have to use the GameCube Memory Card as the games will not be saved in the Wii’s internal memory.

You can use other types of memory cards as long as there is a SD (secure digital) adapter. This means you could use your miniSD or microSD card, once you have the adapter attached and it fits correctly into the slot. You also need to remember that you can only use cards that go up to 2GB on your Nintendo Wii (The reason will be explained below). It should also be noted that Sony Memory Sticks will not work in the Wii, as they are a different type of memory card.



What is the highest capacity for the Nintendo Wii memory card?


The Wii uses Secure Digital (SD) memory cards, however the maximum sized card that will work is 2GB. There are higher capacity cards that are sold on the market, but they will not work in the system because they are in a different format.  So if you are planning on buying that 4GB SD card then don’t think about it, as the Wii will only support up to 2GB.


Wii Branded Memory Cards


There are official “Wii” branded memory cards, however any brand of SD card can work in the console. The branded cards are more expensive and do the same thing as the cards with normal brands on them. When buying your card you need to ensure that it is the right capacity.


Price of Wii Memory Cards


The price of the Wii memory cards will vary, depending on the size and also the brand. As stated above the Wii branded cards will be more expensive, compared to other brands. The average price of a Nintendo Wii memory card is listed below.


512 MB $10 – up

1 GB $20 – up

2GB $30 – up

512mb Nintendo Wii Memory Card

wii-512mb-memory-cardIf you play your Nintendo Wii a lot, you will eventually need an expansion memory card. The memory card that is used in the Wii is often used to save your progress in a game and also to save photos, music, videos and various games that you download from the virtual console. If you use the 512MB card then you will be able to hold tons of information and not worry about overloading the consoles internal memory.

The Nintendo Wii has a built in internal memory, however this gets fully very quickly, especially if you play a lot of games and save many songs, photos or videos on it.

What Type of 512MB Memory Card Will Work

The Nintendo Wii uses Secure Digital (SD) memory cards as its external memory source. Any type of brand will work when it comes to 512MB memory, no one card offers anything different. Sandisk has created specially branded 512MB Wii memory cards, but they are just branded for the Wii and are essentially the same as the ones you can purchase for cheaper.

If you have certain types of memory cards such as a 512MB MicroSD or 512MB MiniSD then you can use them in your Wii, once you have the SD adapter. This adapter allows for different memory cards to fit into the SD slots, once it is in the right adapter. So if you have any of these cards lying around, then they possibly could be used in your Wii

Price of Wii 512MB Memory Card

If you are looking to purchase a 512MB Wii SD memory card, then the price will vary. This is determined by the brand of card that you buy, or which retailer you choose to buy the card from. The average price of the 512MB Wii memory card is around $10-$40. If you are looking for a specific deal on memory cards, then you can check out the purchase section, which has some of the best prices as it relates to the Nintendo Wii Memory Cards.